Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Saturday

Gah, so i woke up not so early in the morning and finally received this grenade that i've been waiting for superb uperr long time ago. Pffttt! Yeah really dat feelings when all your friends received their result but you're the only one still waiting. And its finally here! Thank God i can stop waiting and suffering. (:

My kind of Saturday. So my zha bo got nothing to do, she came my house to help me do facial. I just lie there comfortably until i fell asleep. (X.x)

 I couldnt smile or do any expression cause the mask made my face superb tight. ohmegee but it was so niceee!

 So this is my skin after the facial mask and everything. My face looks brighter, smoother and fairer! Thanks to her <3 p="">

 And so we picked up brother and walked around Parkson for awhile.

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